Gut Health


Gut Health Services at Helix Med

The gut, often referred to as the body’s “second brain,” plays a pivotal role in overall health and wellness. From digesting food and absorbing essential nutrients to influencing immune responses and even mental well-being, a balanced gut is foundational to holistic health. Understanding the myriad challenges the modern lifestyle poses to gut health, Helix Med introduces a service dedicated to nourishing and rebalancing your digestive ecosystem.

Tailored Diagnostics & Assessments

Recognizing that gut health concerns are as diverse as individuals, we begin with a thorough assessment. By delving deep into your symptoms, dietary habits, and lifestyle, we ensure a holistic understanding of your unique gut health profile. At Helix Med we make gut health recommendations that involve dietary adjustments, probiotic and prebiotic suggestions, and lifestyle modifications that prioritize a balanced gut microbiome. With us, your gut health journey doesn’t end with a consultation. We continuously support, guide, and adjust strategies to ensure a thriving digestive system.

how it works


Schedule an appointment for an initial consult.


Based on our conversation, we'll order relevant labs.


We'll review the results together and gain a deeper understanding.


Helix Med will develop a customized & ongoing plan.